The work that “Binn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Charitable Foundation”(BAR&SCF) does every day has saved the lives of hundreds of animals.

When the opportunity presented itself to save just one animal and establish a safe haven, we seized it and developed it with our own personal funds. One Hundred Forty Four (144) farm animals now live in a safe, comfortable place in Ridgefield, Connecticut, that they call PERMANENT HOME.

On any given day, the Binn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Charitable Foundation takes a bold step forward to save animals from the staggering problems which occur as a result of animal cruelty or neglect. Countless animals find themselves in harm’s way each day through ignorance or neglect, deliberate acts of cruelty or accidental trauma. With our Foundation’s ongoing support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we offer these terrified animals, who have been abused or abandoned, a home where they will be properly cared for, attended to, and always loved.

Our Foundation rescues and reassures animals that hope and help has arrived.We will take care of them all…ONE ANIMAL AT A TIME!
BAR&SCF made significant progress in 2009. Within the first eight (8) months, we saved and gave sanctuary to 144 animals. These animals were either abused, abandoned or came from small rescues.

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